Kenneth Bordewick

Founder and Principle Designer of Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors

As the guiding force behind Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors for over a quarter of a century, Kenneth has forged a new dimension in the world of “Ultra Luxury” design. Often referred to as “The Billion Dollar Designer”, his breadth founded upon an unrivaled splendor in an atmosphere of professionalism and elegance. Kenneth’ attributes are fused with the personal attention required to fully develop perfection in spaces for living and working. Above all else, this quality has given Kenneth the distinction of being the world’s foremost luxury designer.

Having earned a degree in Gemology with a specialization in diamonds from the Gemological institute of America, Kenneth excelled in designing magnificent jewelry which lead him to win the “Best New Designer Award” a coveted distinction at the San Francisco Jewelery Design Show in 1982 prior to launching his interior design career. In addition, Kenneth studied at the Paris School of Interior Design as well as the San Francisco School of Interior Design.

Kenneth’s reputation for extreme luxury which is garnered by the world’s elite, lead him to a list of clients unrivaled by any other interior designer both past and present. This list includes Heads of State, Royal Families, Celebrities, Financial Magnets and Titans of Industry. Kenneth’s portfolio includes palaces, mansions, five (5) and (7) star hotels, super yachts, Rolls Royce cars, private jets from a G4 to an A380 and everything in between.

Based on Kenneth’s talent, creations and accolades, Kenneth was awarded the first Billion Dollar Residential contract for a private palace. This Mega Palace contains over a million square feet with more than 300 rooms in the main residence alone, with a formal dining room that will seat more than a 1000 guest at one time. The Mega Palace Compound includes a zoo, cinema, theatre, spider jetty, James Bond like island with rooms of more than 44,000 square feet, 202 car garage, disco tech, 40,000 square foot kitchen, soccer field, guest accommodations for more than 500 guests to stay the night. It boasts its own desalinization plant and power plant. Since the launch of this billion dollar project many have followed suit in countries such as India, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UEA, Brunei, and Qatar and Kenneth has been commissioned.

Kenneth designs interiors that are a direct reflection of his client’s personality and taste, which range from old world opulence to modern and contemporary. While highly accomplished, it is his caring and gentle manner that allows his work to become fully incorporated into the lives of his clients. Kenneth studies his client’s needs and desires, then incorporates them as vital elements in all of his design work. Kenneth recognizes and honors his client’s identities while elevating their environments through his designs.