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Kenneth Bordewick Design Group is a high-end, full service residential and commercial design firm which offers services across the United States and internationally. Services include remodeling, project management and design. We have an array of interior designers and architects on board that can handle projects ranging from contemporary to old world designs. Our staff will enhance the way you perceive your home, and will be there with you every step of the way, from concept to completion.

As a prominent interior design firm in Beverly Hills, we specialize in nightclub design; Some of our projects include clubs in Hollywood, Manhattan, Dubai, San Francisco, Barcelona, Paris and London. Our unique and revolutionary designs will transform any building into a privately designed palace, changing the way our clients view their buildings, thus embedding it into their memories forever.

Our work has been published in Architectural DigestTM, Building The Greater Los Angeles, and House and GardenTM.

Dubai, Spain, France, Italy, New York, Florida, South Beach, Beverly Hills, Mumbai, Delhi, India, China, Qatar, Korea, Saigon, Vietnam, Hanoi