Kenneth Bordewick

Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors

Kenneth's Mission

Our Mission is the pursuit of perfection through luxury and Beauty, whether it be by combining all the elements of elegance and glamour of yesteryear with the intelligence of the 21st Century or by making a contemporary space for today’s glitterati.

"Strive for Perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist Design It."

Sir Henry Royce

Kenneth Bordewick

Founder and Principle Designer of Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors

As the guiding force behind Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors for over a quarter of a century, Kenneth has forged a new dimension in the world of “Ultra Luxury” design. Often referred to as “The Billion Dollar Designer”, his breadth founded upon an unrivaled splendor in an atmosphere of professionalism and elegance. Kenneth’ attributes are fused with the personal attention required to fully develop perfection in spaces for living and working. Above all else, this quality has given Kenneth the distinction of being the world’s foremost luxury designer.

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Kenneth Bordewick
Los Angeles, CA (California)
(+1) 310-274-9999